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The Yak-40 is the first soviet short range jet airliner and the first civil aircraft from Yakovlev design bureau. Because of its small size and black smoke from its engines it was called “cigarette butt”, and for its great fuel consumption – “fuel fighter”. But anyway this airplane shows itself as simple thing to fly and maintenance and reliable in flight. She could takeoff when one of her engines fails and continue to fly even after two of her three engines failed.

The Yak-40 finally replaces the Il-12 and Il-14 in regional lines, which were completely outdated it that time, and make a great competitor to the turboprop An-24. Passengers love the Yak-40 for its comfort. Pilots and engineers for its simple use and maintenance. The Yak-40 and An-24 are still in use on many regional lines in countries of ex USSR and neighbor.

The model is equipped with:

  • Full complex of navigation system, including automatic directional finder ARK9
  • Nav complex CourseMP
  • Directional system GMK1 and MK8
  • Meteolocator “Kontur” and TCAS
  • Fire extinguisher system
  • Pressurization and air conditioning systems
  • Fuel system with fuel buster pumps, cross and flow valves
  • Hydraulic system, which feeds the flaps, stab landing gears and brakes

Yak-40 is the first soviet airplane, designed to be controlled by two pilots and one engineer. But really it could be flown by only two.

As all our model, this one also have fully functional virtual cockpit and exterior, correct dynamics and systems

All systems and most calculations made by plugin, which starts automatically, as plane being opened.

This product requires Windows XP or higher, Linux or MacOSX 10.5 or higher