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Hey guys. Recently i’ve bought an HTC Vive and just few days ago Laminar Research added VR feature in X-Plane 10.20 beta. Already tried it and it’s awesome! It’s like you actually inside the cockpit. You can feel the real size of surrounding objects and see the distance to the ground on approach and flare.

It has some limitations though, like small resolution of the headset screens, making it very hard to read small text. But for vintage aircrafts with large analogue gauges it’s must have! (i actually love vintage aircrafts, so it wouldn’t be a problem) Also it requires really powerful computer, so i already ordered nvidia GTX 1080. Hope my CPU and amount of RAM will be enough for now.

I already started implementing VR support into Tu-154M. Unfortunately i could not do that for my old projects, because i used plugin based mouse click regions, not manipulators. Tu-154M fits good and i will do my future projects completely VR friendly.

So far there are no documents for developers, but i already figured out how to add special teleport areas in cockpit to sit in crew members places. Still need to re-model and add some manipulators to make it easy to manipulate with VR controllers.

Also there is a problem – no 2D panels in VR. Should find the solution to disable some features from them or move them to 3D objects to be able to just enjoy the flight. Maybe later Laminar Research will add them in VR.

Вышла новая версия 1.1.1.

На этот раз добавлена поддержка Smart Copilot и исправлено множество ошибок. Обновление доступно в разделе загрузок. Для того, чтобы не потерять активацию, рекомендую сохранить файлы aircraft.key serial.key и папку plugins.

Исправления коснулись и логики КЛН-90, так что ее так-же нужно будет скачать и обновить.

Так-же на сайте добавлены ливреи. Они убраны из основного архива для уменьшения его размера.