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The An-24 is the most popular Soviet turboprop aircraft. It was designed to replace the outdated Il-12 and Il-14. It carries up to 48 passengers at speeds of over 1000 km and at altitudes of up to 7000m. Many An-24 are operated on local airlines in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and many other countries.

Aircraft systems are reconstituted with unprecedented accuracy.

The flight model alone was tweaked and completed under the supervision of professional consultants – Existing pilots and An-24 technicians

Main features of this model: 

  • Realistic controls and devices
  • Complex internal aircraft systems
  • Custom failures and realistic settings
  • Detailed visual model
  • Preflight checks of the aircraft
  • Many animated objects – crew voices
  • KLN90 3D panel (requires installation of KLN90)
  • For those who want the Russian panel, a set of textures is included.

Comprehensive menu for easy management

  • Pop-up panels of major instruments / autopilot
  • Loading systems
  • Views